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Rift 2.2 Hotfix#14 has been applied (8:00am PDT 5/22/13 [NA] - 1:00AM GMT 23/5/13 [EU]).

Magelo Sync has been patched, you can sync your characters again!

  • Morban: Added additional map markers for the quest Feu à volonté to help pinpoint the location of the cannons.

  • Morban: Reduced Draelock’s damage across most of his abilities.
  • Steppes of Infinity: For the instant adventure Capture Commanders, Commandant d'Antapo will now despawn two minutes after being captured. Additionally, if a Commander gets stuck in the terrain, it will despawn if the player moves far enough away.
  • Steppes of Infinity: Fixed an issue during L'Art du Conflit zone event that could result in players not receiving credit if their characters die fighting the Nug la Lutteuse nug.

  • Shaman: Vicious Streak now increases the critical chance of all abilities.
  • Inquisitor: Union radicale is now removed if the Inquisitor dies.
  • Sentinel: Damage from Exubérance courroucée is now reduced in PVP.
  • Sentinel: Damage procs from Exubérance courroucée now have a 35 meter range.
  • Harbinger: Taillade lucide no longer requires a target in order to use.
  • Harbinger: Lames fantômes no longer requires you to be facing your target in order to cast.

  • Fixed a problem with Dimension "add" and "remove" events for addons not always working properly.

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Just patched Magelo Sync to handle 2.2 Hotfix #14 !