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Since the posts below are long outdated and ctprofiles just shut down I'm sure there is about 2 million people looking for a place to make profiles. I understand creating something this big would take a few months, but whatever website comes out with a profile system where you can make wish-lists and be able to link it & view stats is going to bring in tons of hits relatively quickly. You could possibly get a second team to work on the World of Warcraft one while the current team finishes and continues with EverQuest changes.

If this does happen to come, and you receive tons of hits you could easily put up a single ad on your website and not have to charge $2 a month for an automated update, instead this project would be funded by the amount of people who click on google ads.

Would be something to consider in the next few months.

In reply to a few posts below by a player by the name of "Vormulac" in "Anger, and exit."

Yes armory is nice for listing gear that you have logged out with, but many players have multiple gear sets, resist gear, and they also have a wish list and would like to see their stats with gear they want in the future. When CTProfiles quit their project they had upwards of 3million people with a ctprofile, people enjoy making sets they will probably never be able to complete, or just to see how much spirit, damage, or even health they can get with items in the game.

Blizzard's armory just added another feature, items. They now have a current list of every single item in game, does this mean Wowhead is out of business? HELL NO. Wowhead is fast and their commenting/screenshot system with extremely quick item updates will always make them the best. I wouldn't doubt them adding a profile system in the future, it is actually one of their plans if you read "Under Development", but watching this website for the last three years and all the improvements made to the EverQuest profile system, I would love to see magelo try to make it onto the WoW scene.

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Just adding a quick reply to the banner suggestion: no. Jelan hates banners and they will not ever appear on this website. Besides lag issues (since the banners are loaded from another server), there are also security issues, as has been proven before. I remember a case where Allakhazam had a keylogger / trojan horse embedded in one of its banners. Numerous accounts were compromised before this was detected and Allakhazam took out the banner ad (and closed the door for that banner site).

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Nice idea, but so far, there's never been a profling service that really accepts capitalism. Ctprofiles could have made millions, but went bankrupt because they never ran ads or sold anything. I offered the site owner a way of making a few million a year with accounts and he turned me down because he loved coding and being a profile service, but has no interest in making a business of it. Rpgoutfitter could make millions, but is the same way. For nonprofit, their site is astounding. Allakhazam already does make big money, but that's from other things. (info on everything under the sun, and the banner ads.) They have low userbase for their profiling service because they never developed and advertised their system. I get the vibe that magelo is also a project that is mostly driven by passion rather than profit. The fees that gamers pay for profile hosting buy a home and food, and the oppertunity to work in the field of coding for the owner and staff, that's probably about it. Just speculation. If they were really worried about money, support for wow would have happened very quickly and a team of coders would have been hired on just for that alone. I doubt that was even contacted with an offer to pick up their working system. The coders that made that site happen worked for free.

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