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Not a lot of activity in this area. Someone must have expected something on real life though.
Perhaps the lack of responses makes a statement about gamers. I myself, prefer the fake life.

Real life: It's good to exercise, even twenty minutes a day won't make you sexy and muscular, but you'll feel more energetic.

Flame wars: Have yourself a few, after a dozen or so, it just becomes pointless.

Hair loss for men: Some women find bald sexy, but comb-overs are never sexy. SHAVE IT!

When you are sixty, you might still play MMOs. You are the generation that gets it. Except, your children will play with VR goggles. You won't have to yell at them them to turn the sound down though, it'll just be beamed directly into their heads and it might make them crazy, but at least they won't go deaf like you did.

I work a 9 to 5 job. I've been a farmer, reseller, website owner, and now I just test technology for companies like Palm and Hewlett Packard. Never drop your dayjob or your chance to go to college. Next year, I will teach kindergarden in China. Never traveled before except to Texas though. Be careful of them Texans!

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Real Life...

the statement about gamers looks like is that they are playing; not browsing random forums.

A gamer is never bored; he knows there is only so much time to spend and if that time is unencumbered, it must be spent playing. If at all possible. This is the nature of the gamer.

If it cannot be spent playing (server is down etc) it is spent in preparation to play (research, planning, networking with guild); when there is no preparation left to be done one might go do something outside the game- browse a random forum and post something?

go to the movies? check email?

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During server downtime/while travelling to work I routinely harass my friends by phone to get them to levelup their characters and make plans for endgame.

Watching anime works too.


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Hah, yeah, I know what you mean. But some days I get this feeling as if I don't want to play games. I'll start to play and it just won't be fun. Then I'll stop...and it's like the world has come to an end. It's like, "Oah know! What do I do?" Usually I just putter around the house...does anyone else get that feeling?

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My Ouija board indicates "No".

Back to my MMORPGs I go.

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interesting.....yes....u....Get A LIFE so should i and all ppl on this forum)) just kiding who needs rl u can die in over one millions diferent ways. in the games u are immortal and that makes em fun oh and dont tell me im an ...stronger...nooooo...then i woke up and gone to illidian and raped his pink ass...couse he killed my friend