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Any other WoW players apart from myself growing bored of WoW? I find myself logging in less and less due to the new WotLK xpac coming out "Sometime". I feel it would be a huge waste of time to login and try to accomplish anything at this point aside from leveling up new 70's seeing as how it will all become obsolete once LK hits.

Diablo 3 continues to give me some hope tho, with any luck it will be atleast on par with the previous 2 "Diablo" titles, and will give me just as many hours of fun as the others did.

Tho Blizz keeps letting me down with WoW, I still play, but if Diablo 3 is any good that may change very quickly, even more so if Diablo 3 requires a monthly subscription to play. Blizz never seems to want to improve WoW in the areas that demand improvement. Especially PvP, which is what alot of people are left with since the new S4 Arena gear came out, and the approach of LK making all the end game raiding pointless.

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I'd say end game raiding is only semi-pointless at this point. Yes its dumb to be gearing up in T6 and what not but its still interesting to see end game content. If you dont see it now it will be just like Pre-BC raids, nobody ever goes back.

I've heard Naxx was like the coolest raid ever but I never got geared enough at 60 to even think about checking it out, now Im in Hyjal and BT and probably wont get the chance to see Naxx.

I'm excited about Diablo 3 and WotLK, I just hope Diablo doesnt have a monthly subscription, because I would potentially drop wow to give diablo a go.

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I would certainly drop WoW to play Diablo 3. As for Naxx, from what I have heard they are going to re-design it for LK to make it the first 10 man raid zone of the LK expansion. As far as visiting end game stuff I have seen it all too many times now and it is just boring to me at this point. The only thing I find even remotely interesting anymore is PvP, which is so unbalanced anymore that half the time its not even fun at all either. Heh

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now that i have my first dude up to lvl 70, the game does not hold as much of an attraction as it used to. i still play a bit on the weekends but its just not the same. i am trying to clear out my quest list though and trying to save up for the better flying mount.

i am still waiting to see if diablo is going to be a pay as you play game like WoW is before i decide to buy it or not. cant afford two games per month so its a pay game, wont be buying it


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WoW can get tedious and boring sometimes but I still like to play alot. I bought Age of Conan and was highly disappionted. This is why I don't preorder games before release any more. The game was visually beautiful but the game play was not nearly as refined as WoW. There was a lot of little problems that added up to a big problem in the game.

My friend tried Warhammer online and said that it failed miserably in comparison to WoW. I dont know what his reasons were.

I have heard a lot of good things about Diablo 3 but i also heard a lot of good things about AoC and Warhammer. I imagine it would have to be a pay to play game in order to keep up the maintenance on it and make it better than other games. So on that note i'll probably just stick with WoW and see what WoTLK has to offer. If the game goes down hill or the classes get more unbalanced in PvP, then i'll switch.