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1. Roll a Fury warrior. Fury warriors are awesome!

2. Kill everything that moves. Sheep, frogs, and stunned mobs drop extra loot. Kill them first.

3. LoS = Lots of Speed. As soon as the tank pulls, charge in and whirlwind all the mobs right where they are. You'll probably get aggro of everything because you're so awesome!

4. Don't get distracted by that blue word stuff down in the corner. That's just your competitors trying to distract you so they can beat you on the damage meter. Damage meters are awesome!

5. Don't kill the target marked with a skull. Skulls are for pansies. Be sure to kill all the non marked targets first. Everyone else can gang up on the skull while you solo the other stuff. Who's awesome? You're awesome!

6. If the healer can't keep you alive they must really suck. You do just fine without a healer when you're questing!!!11

7. If the tank complains about you pulling extra mobs just remind him that you wear plate too! And besides, they never kill you, they just end up going to that stupid healer. The healers always last place on the damage meters anyway.

8. If you get kicked from the group its just because everyone was so jealous of how awesome you are. Spam that damage meter proudly!

9. Being threatening = being awesome. Never get reduced threat enchants and never let any of your competitors put any reduced threat debuffs on you. They're trying to steal your spotlight. After all, if all the mobs aren't attacking you, how will everyone know how awesome you are?


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I don't know a lot of good wow jokes, but I've found an awesome meme on [M] . It cracked me out :D