> > > anyone have a nice warlock lvling specc to 80?

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anyone have a nice warlock lvling specc to 80?

im wondering if if ppl go instance lvling 70-72 then start to q, and i need a new specc


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i myself plan on trying to finish off my quest list an then with the points i get for each lvl, to continue to increase my demonology skill tree
i have made some errors in the skills dept so mine is not the best choice to look at


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I always leveled SL/SL.
I know they've made a few changes to that spec choice, but it's more flexible now what you can do with it so it makes it more viable to level with.
Non-stop killing ftw!

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For me the easiest spec for leveling is the one I have now, max out demo then put the rest in destruction. Once you hit 80 though, I'd put it all in destruction.