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I need some encouragement to get pass this struggle I'm going through. I hit 70 about three weeks ago and all I want to do is run 70 raids. People laugh at me and say "just level" or whatever. I guess it's the fact that I kind of wanted to settle down at 70 but the Wotlk came out and now I can't. Any encouraging words for me to go forth with my level? Thanks


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I would recommend checking out the great guides available at - I spend my weekend following that guide and doing dailies on weekdays. It's a rough grind, but the fun dailies are worth the time and awards gold and exp, so why not go for them?

If you've unlocked the dailies in Howling Fjord on your Alliance toon like Break the Blockade! and Steel Gate Patrol you'll find that they're really fun and relatively out of harm's way (opposite faction ganking, that is). The way to his heart is also another daily in the area, but it's rather lengthy.

I find many of the new quests a very much refreshing change from the old world grind. If you're more into PVP (which judging from your gear, it appears to be so), you might as well start questing for extra gold - you'll need Cold Weather Flying to enter Wintergrasp and it sounds like a really fun PVP zone.

The quests you do along the way to 80 cover a lot of the ongoing story, as well as revealing the origin of a few playable races. It's really interesting to be immersed in the lore, even though you might not be a roleplayer.

You'll want to see ALL this content, right? So keep up a good pace and get geared! Good luck in your adventures, come back and tell us about them!