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This is the one that my guild and I are excited about and here is the "wish list" that we have been compiling.

The bolding, underlining and colors did not transfer over, so it is going to look like a giant wall of text - sorry. I might try to edit it later to make it easier to read.

•To be able to play game sounds/music without it effecting my FPS too much.
• Different audio components individually adjustable

• Nothing too "anime-ish"

• A support class that may not do much if any DPS or healing, but can Crowd control and buff the group/raid and debuff the mobs in a way that no other class can. Effective enough to always want around but not overpowered or exploitable.

• Items found via exploration (object that sparkle or some other way indicate that they can be "picked up" and added to a collection

• True DUAL TARGETING - Please
• Mentoring - without being overpowered
• Invasions (roaming enemy NPCs, etc - good for those that do not PvP, but would like something like this.)
• Flags/keys needed to enter certain areas that are not trivial to obtain
• Zero in-combat addons! Basically - If an addon decides or does something for you (including marking/alerting "suggested" actions) Nothing in-combat. *UI appearance add-ons, okay.
• Please make combat success more PLAYER SKILL BASED rather than Gear-centric - Please!
• A combat system exactly like or very similar to that of "Vanguard".
• Put 'skill' back in pulling. Find a way to use game mechanics/terrain, CC, etc to make pulling large groups (or parts) of mobs an 'art', AOE has its place, but lets not zerg everything.
• Please do not make mob "training" impossible. This is not for the purpose of griefing, rather than the excitement of improvising and adapting for a sucessful recovery when it happens as well as the accomplishments of learning how to travel or combat without training others. It's a big part of the game. Additionally, we meet a lot of players in the community when we have to send tells apologizing for accidental trains or to communicate with them in order to pass through without training them.
• Death should be more than a coin-sink. Besides having a player crafter mend our gear, there should be something more in-depth to dying. Not to lose levels, but there can be XP debt to work off or perhaps after a certain number of deaths (half a dozen) have to do a significant "resurrection quest" (that changes each time).

• Crafters repair armor - not NPCs
• Crafting is involved, not shallow and "one touch"
• Crafted gear is the best gear available except for raid/Epic gear
• If inventory bags/backpacks degrade over time (with use), crafters can mend or replace
• Crafters can make dye to tint armor.
• A crafting system exactly like or very similar to that of "Vanguard".
• Crafting services (players, not NPCs) could be required to "assemble" epic quest items and specialty raid drops.

• Guild bank
• Guild hall (can be leveled up) - with Player Housing incorporated (instanced or nearby), for the players to be able to utilize the guild hall in some meaningful fashion and therefore have a reason to want to be near it or their house/rooms branch off from it.
• Guild quests - including item rewards to place in the hall
• Guild levels - for bonuses and perks for those in the guild
• Ability to adjust guild permissions by individual rather than rank alone
• Ability to set an Auto-purge of inactive members after a certain length of time.

• Can be done in a group for bonus and/or rares

• Player Housing incorporated (instanced or nearby) with a guild hall for more of a "guild community" feel. Players should be able to utilize the guild hall in some meaningful fashion and therefore have a reason to want to be near it or their house/rooms branch off from it.

• Trivial Loot Coding
• Gear for specific purposes can not be cross-utilized (PvE gear for PvE, Crafting/harvesting gear drops while crafting/harvesting, PvP gear for PvP only...)
• If "rot" items can be broken down into base components, it must be done by a specific tradeskill.
• A large variety of craftable furniture and other household items that can be crafted by tradeskillers.
• Saddles, barding, etc. for mounts are made by player crafters rather than sold by NPCs.
• Epic quests should be rewarded "epically" upon completion. Interim rewards are feasible, like a partially finished weapon that can be used but is inferior to the completed epic. Over time as characters and the world progress these epics can be made more powerful through additional epic questing; this brings them more in line with improved loot from newer dungeons/raids. Additionally, when new content is added it can upgrade an epic item via continuation epic quests with more quest drops to combine with them rather than render them obsolete. Alternatively they can be replaced by completely new epic quests and items.

• Cap level is not reached in a couple of weeks.
• Each "sphere" levels itself only. IE: Crafting will not level adventuring levels, pvp will not level harvesting levels, X-sphere will not level diplomacy levels, etc.

Movement - (of characters, NPC, etc. IE: swimming, speed, etc.)
• Smooth, not choppy stop and go

• Truly random pathing so third party botting is harder to program.

Professions - as their own "spheres" to be leveled aside from adventuring
• Players can quest or opt as a profession, to be able to provide a "bulk courier" service in lieu of single stack mail for other players.
• Fishing please
• Cooking please
• Spells and other buff/enhancing type of times (especially those used in-combat) are made by players of that profession at their top tier if NPC can also sell (not as "strong")
• Diplomacy can also be good to put up special group/raid buffs, reducing npc purchased items, ability to enter certain areas or parley with certain NPCs to trigger specific bosses, etc. In conjunction with crafter services, diplomatic services (players, not NPCs) could be required to "assemble" epic quest items and specialty raid drops. Requires it's own gear (diplomats have to dress for the job too!).

PvE (servers)
• PVE servers - PvP arena options, awesome (or at least PvP gear is for PvP only, PvE gear is for PvE only, Crafting gear is for crafting only, etc.)
• Please do not try to save resources by trying to match up PvE class balance with PvP. They are two different game play and styles and therefore warrant separate coding/rule-sets. Arenas & mad/beserker zones can possibly share rule-set coding, but PvE/PvP servers need different class balances as most of us have come to discover. Please do not attempt to lump it all together. In the long run, it can and likely will cost more.
• Please allow any race/faction on PvE servers to group and/or guild (some members wanted the opposite - no grouping/guilding of opposing factions/races even in a PVE).

PvP (servers)
• PvP servers are open world. No option to toggle PvP off, but with a level range of attack-ability
• If cross-server only cross with other "like" servers. (PvP with PvP and PvE with PvE)
• If warfronts please consider a possible need to separate by level/rank ranges
Faction vs. Open world PvP
• Incorporate "mad" or "beserker" areas that are large overland areas (that do not "force" non-pvpers to travel in order to get updates or upgrades IF on a PvE server) that is it is full scale open world PvP
• Please have arenas for groups of players that want to team up against other groups of players in which they can choose to wager the outcome with in-game currency or other items - that they possess and are willing to lose.
• PvPers should risk losing something to each other rather than the game generate loot for the players to pick up. Generated loot can take away a large portion of the PvP excitement.
• PvP players will not be able to transfer to PvE servers (and visa versa?).

• Epic quests that are truly EPIC - not easily or quickly done without a heavy grinding component
• A variety of "story" quest lines/quest series throughout the leveling process.
• Epic quests should have steps that require significant outside help and should not be complete-able through only solo/group play.
• Please no "shopping lists" as quest objectives. We can go "investigate" an area, find objects/npcs, speak to NPCs, hide something, deliver/break/cook/buy, etc something, capture/free/rescue, etc., but please do not make us kill 10 x, y's and z's, turn in and then have to kill 10 of each again. Please don't do this.

• Smaller Raid Forces - No more than 36-ish?
• Raid gear can ONLY be obtained through Raiding
• Full and half sized raid zones (different from each other and gear scaling according to man power needed). IE: 10 (half) & 20 (full) man raids
• Non-"rail" raiding. It would nice of sharded/instanced raid zones split off into wings/brances and levels so that different sections can be challenged rather than having to clear through a straight line of the same bosses over and again after each reset.

Travel - Mounts, portals, boats
• Nothing with a steampunk or futuristic feel
• Boats of different speed, can go to different depths to travel to certain zones faster. *Possibly some guild storage and can carry a certain number of passengers.
• IF flying mounts, they will be obtain through truly EPIC means and at cap level only and with a world big enough to warrant it. *I remember the almost disappointed feeling that I had when I was able to get a flying mount at almost mid-level and how "un-involved" the content seemed. Once I could fly over everything that used to be exciting to try to skirt through or have to fight a path in, things got dreary. I would be loathe to see players feel "disconnected" from the content and miss the depth of a game because they fly above it all.

• Mini map
• Small compass to others in group
• Some kind of subtle indication when a mob or player is out of range for an action
• Multiple tabs or some other method to quickly switch gear sets.
• Ability to edit the default UI layout.

• Non-anime equipment. Example: Swords that are 3x longer that the wielders entire body.
• No skimpy female "armor". Costumes/wardrobe attire is okay as one of the choices, but armor can look alluring and feminine without being ridiculously revealing.

• Non-linear content (including raiding). It would be great if we could go to different zones/"continents" for several quest hubs of the same level range in order to "mix and match" leveling quests. Multiple zones per level range.
• "High Fantasy" - Not semi-steam punk
• Easy on the regurgitated content please
• Multiple "spheres" of skills to level. IE: crafting, adventuring, diplomacy, - to add a nice variety of things to work on for mains and alts to mix it up a bit should they not choose to focus fully on one thing (some don't "burn out", but I am guessing that many do.)
• Occasional server-wide overland invasion/attack events for those that don't want to raid in a smaller or guild setting.

• Broker that is not a bidding system or at least can up for a week's time.
• In-game "puzzles"
• Mini-games IE: diplomacy card game, PvP style, players or NPCs can wager coin/gear or choose a card from the Losers deck.
• Zero in-combat addons! Basically - If an addon decides or does something for you (including marking/alerting "suggested" actions) NO in-combat. UI appearance add-ons ONLY, okay.
• Monthly Sub - not F2P
• If Free to Play or cash shops with useful upgrade items, then please on their own of that type of server and with transfers only to other like servers (if server transfers are available)
• No Cash Shops - or non-transferable server specific ONLY - Fluff items only would be okay IF it actually STAYS "FLUFF items ONLY"
• Easy on the "Auto" play please. (IE: Auto use, Auto route to quest location, Auto turn, Auto face, Auto transport to dungeon, Auto craft complete, etc. This is just an example of course)
• Little or NO alternate currency - Please!
• Wardrobe appearance slots
• IF there are LFG options (cross-server or not), please design in a way that does not adversely effect guild interaction (I know the majority of that falls to the members themselves) or turn hub cities into giant "waiting rooms".
• Support modern computers (ie 64-bit OS, multiple CPU's and GPU's ... REAL multi-threading).

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I somehow don't think this game will be coming out at all now.


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It's pretty easy to understand