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I just joined this site and downloaded the sync to update my account. The synce program says its not up to date with the new patch to check forums, but it looks like im the only one with it. I restarted the comp and uninstalled and reinstalled the prgram and still doesnt work

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Hi again jsayers2869
There was another hotfix applied just after the #6 and we needed to patch again Magelo Sync. Each time the game is patched, we need to update our client to let you synchronize your character again. You should be able to sync it now. Let me know how it goes and welcome on Magelo!

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Hello Jsayers,

Whenever a patch/hotfix hits (even a relatively minor one), we have some footwork on our end to update sync. While we generally have a quick turnaround on that, we do cover our users when the turnaround gets higher than we would like. We generally keep users up-to-date in the same news post as the patch notes themselves.

Hope this helps