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It appears that rogue weapon mastery planar attunement bonus is not being added to attack power displayed in magelo. I'll use my unbuffed marksman spec that I just sync'd as an example. I have spent 812 PA (max useful for non-pvp dagger/gun rogue).

Magelo shows attack power at 1052 while rift shows 1244. AP bonus from PA is 64 per dagger and 64 for gun, so that could be where the 192 AP went. Did you miss the change to rogue PA when it went from dps to attack power? Maybe it was warriors too. Was kinda recent.

All of the other stats are correct.

Change came for warrior and rogue in 1.8:

Rogue and Warrior: Weapon PA bonuses have been changed in line with Calling-based Attack Power updates. Instead of increasing weapon DPS by 0.2 for every point spent in a weapon PA node, you will now gain 2 Attack Power per Planar Attunement point spent in Weapon PAs for each appropriate weapon equipped. The Warrior two-handed weapon mastery will give an additional 2 Attack Power per point invested (since only one of these weapons can be equipped). Attack Power bonuses are also applied to your pet.

I've enjoyed magelo since EQ1, thanks so much

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Thanks a lot Crisp1 for your message and sorry it took us so long to reply!
We will work on this change and we will keep you posted when it's done.
Thank you for pointing this out, in fact, we missed it.

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Finally fixed! Attack Power is now adjusted for melee weapon mastery PA.
Thanks again Crisp1 for your help with this issue.