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Many improvements have been added recently on Magelo and we wanted to give you an overview below.

Magelo Sync update for Java 7

A new version of Magelo Sync, compatible with Java 7, is now available. The next time you will open Magelo Sync, it will automatically update. If you have a previous version of Java installed on your computer, you need to update it in order to use Magelo Sync. Simply follow the instruction on how to update your Java.

Advanced Item Search with Stat Weights

Normally, the results of your item search would be ranked by the first stat filter you would use. The obvious limitation is that you can’t score an item over more than one stat. That's where the stat weights come into play. Using them, you can craft whatever scoring formula makes sense to your character and have your results scored and ordered using it.
Ex: Weapons from tier2 dungeons or raid10 with a custom score based on the stat weights of DPS(10) and Hit(8)

Deflect statistic

The Deflect statistic is now handled properly on Magelo. Yes, it’s never too late!

Guardian Phase for Rogue Tank

Rogue tank statistics cannot really be accurate without properly handling the guardian phase, so we decided to take it into account. An icon is now displayed in your character profile, in the Identity part, to indicate the guardian phase is active. Check out Wilhelmus profile for example.

New Primeval Feast sliver

The new sliver Первобытное пиршество introduced with the 1.9 Conquest is now accessible in the database.
The list of bosses in this instance is available and you can run Magelo Sync while you play to contribute with loot entries.

Bosses update

The bosses’ lists in Восход Кадуцея, Возрождение Феникса and Сумрачные Пещеры (Мастер) (Мастер) have been updated.
Once again, don't forget to run Magelo Sync while you play to add your contribution for the loot list.

Currency in My Inventory Tool

It’s been few weeks already we introduced the option to view your currencies in the Inventory tool.
You just need to synchronize your characters to find them all, including alternate currencies (Sourcestone, PvP, Dungeons, Crafting, Events,…).

If you have any question or suggestion, the Forums is waiting for your post!