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I have installed JAVA x64 and JRE, what does this error mean?
Please Define "EXE4J_JAVA_HOME" to point to an installed 64-bit JDK or JRE or Download a JRE from www.java.com.


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It's mean there is an issue with your installation of Java.
Magelo Sync needs Java 7 in order to work. Please have a look to this FAQ entry that explain how to update your Java properly: http://rift.magelo.com/en/faq/view_entry.jspa?faqEntry=9173

Let me know how it goes
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I am getting the same error. I have installed Java 8 multiple times and the Oracle site tells me it is installed correctly. Please help. I NEED Magelo Update.

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Please make sure you have install the 64bit edition of the JRE if you are running on a 64bit Windows system.