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Hey guys, i am Kotadiatu and i am brand new to the Magelo community and glad to be here
Hopefully while im here i will make some raid and boss guides for WoW and possibly a class guide for Death Knights seeing though i play one.

Im not going to download and use the client yet, im one of those overprotective people but till i think i can trust it, it will sit in my downloads folder

Anyways, hows it going everyone?


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Welcome Kotadiatu!
I am Loulina, part of the Magelo team since 5 years now!
Your enthusiasm is a ray of shine for me this morning
I wish you will like your adventure here and I am eager to read your guides.
Have fun! See you soon on the board

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I just practically said bugger it and downloaded the Magelo client and am lovin it so far ^_-
First up i am possibly thinking bout making a guide to Unholy Death Knights seeing though thats my new spec of choice and possibly a ToC10/25 guide since i raid that like crazy.


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It's good to know you liked the features offered by the Magelo website.

I'll look forward to your guides!