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I don't know if the administrators/developers can do this, but Crafting Tooltips on the Zone Maps would be awsome!

You could show the spots of Veins for Miners, location of Monsters (Animals) for Butchers and Herbs for Alchemists. If it is possible the Zone Maps would be perfect, you would have everything in it.

Just a little idea that I just had.
Feel free to ask more about my idea if you don't understand s.th.


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We were wondering about that a few days ago with Krogh and in Rift unlike wow for example, with the ability to track everything on your mini map and the fact that resources are not that rare, it's actually very easy to collect things.

However it might be useful to know where to go (in which zone) when you want to collect something specific. Let's say for example, I have the butchering skill and I am interested in collecting Экзотическая шкура, where should i hunt ?

What do you think ?

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Yes, very much so. I too can live without specific node positions. In fact I kind of like having SOME mystery left in the game However, it would be useful to know what zones, AND what PART of the zones to go to for specific materials. For example, I can go to Moonshade Highlaands for Titanium, but only if I know it is mostly found above Hammerknell.

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You can now find the location of plants, mines, woods and artifacts as well as NPCs in the database
Ex. Горецвет, Титановая жила and Тисовое бревно

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I have some difficulties using it though. The mats do not show up in the items database. So you have to go into the recipe database. But there apothecarey is automatically a filter and you have to click a profession that goes with the material. It could be slightly more user friendly, though I am very happy that the information is available. Will save me some trips.

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Yep we are aware of that and we will improve this soon. Thanks Raimla, we will keep you posted