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Conduit of Power

Calling :  Mage

Soul :

Conduit of Power

Pet Buff 2.25% Mana Instant - No Global Cooldown
Gain a buff based on your currently active pet. While this effect is active your pet cannot attack. If your pet is killed or dismissed this effect ends.
Earth Elemental - The mage now takes 25% less damage.
Air Elemental - Spell Power is increased by 10% and damage dealt is increased by 30%.
Water Elemental - Cooldowns of damaging and control spells are reduced by 35%.
Fire Elemental - Elementalist cast times are reduced to 0. Channeled spells deal 15% more damage. Spells made instant by this buff also benefit from this damage buff.

Requires 58 Points Spent in Elementalist Requires Level 58