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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a database link with tooltip in my post and comment?

The Magelo tooltips system includes an autocomplete feature to link easily anything from the database in your post and comment (item, npc, ability,…).

Whenever you want to insert a link on an item for example, just enter the beginning of the item name and press Ctrl+Space to get a list of results. Pick the item you want from the list to automatically add the item link with the tooltip in your post or comment.

If the results list don't display the item you are looking to, it is usually because there is too many items that start with the name you entered.
So you just need to enter a part of the compound name and select multiple words before pressing Ctrl + Space to find your item in the results list.

Few samples of what you can link from the database:
Item: Blood Soaked Gloves (with sources)
Blazing Vengeful Rune (rune with restrictions and statistics)
Rasmolov's Riftblade Crystal (synergy crystal with statistics)
NPC: Jerrol Brechan (with location on mini-map)
Recipe: Heroic Manasurge Vial (with source and produced item in dual tooltip)
Zone: Shimmersand (with mini-map)
Quest: The Oathsworn
Artifact: Bare Knuckled: The Return
Abilities: Fireball
Achievement: Cave Diving
Plant, mine and wood: Grieveblossom, Titanium Vein and Yew Log
Character: Jel
Guild: Shadows of the Dragon