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Heroic Manasurge Vial

Tradeskill : Apothecary

Difficulty : 300 301 302 305

Heroic Manasurge Vial

Apothecary (300)

Twilight Bloom Roots (2)
Pristine Distillate (1)
Eternal Planar Dust (1)
Set of Crystal Flasks (1)

Dropped by: Frozen Rootbreaker
Zone: Realm of the Fae (Expert) (Expert)
Drop rate: 1%
Dropped by: Bogling Knave
Zone: Realm of the Fae (Expert) (Expert)
Drop rate: <1%
Merchant: Freneza Kasi
Zone: Cape Jule
Merchant: Apotek Peniga
Zone: Kingdom of Pelladane
Price: 4
Credits: 112


Heroic Manasurge Vial

Use: Increases maximum Mana by 285 for 1 hour. Counts as both a Fortification Serum and Assault Serum. This effect lasts through death.
Item Level 58 Requires Level 50 1 48
Recipe: Heroic Manasurge Vial
Tradeskill: Apothecary (300)