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The Oathsworn

Level : 50

Zone : Shimmersand

Start : Bahram Feris

End : Bahram Feris

Choose one of these rewards :
 Oathsworn Girdle
 Oathsworn Sash
 Oathsworn Belt
 Oathsworn Tassets

Notoriety :
+1100 Dragonslayer Covenant

Money : 31 50

XP : 5040

The Oathsworn

Collect a Maelforge Ember from Argon Flameseer. Plant an Incendiary Device at the Wanton Ritual Rock in Firesand Desert to draw him out.
  • Use the Wanton Ritual Rock
  • Collect Maelforge Ember
  • Swear the Covenant Oath
  • Drink from the Chalice of Sacred Waters


The Wanton firelord, Argon Flameseer, is using a Maelforge Ember to infuse long-buried dragon bones with fire magic. Use this bomb to draw Argon out of hiding, then stop the ritual and steal that Ember in one fell swoop. Succeed, and you will be ready to take the Oath of the Covenant.

Upon completion

Now that you are a sworn Dragonslayer, we can speak of this Maelforge Ember. It is not just any dragon bone, but a remnant of an ancient Maelforge revenant we expelled long ago. If the Wanton are infusing these remnants with their magic, they must be trying to reanimate this ancient evil. You've joined us at the right time, [%NAME].