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Abilities, Achievements, Artifacts, Items, Factions, Npcs, Quests, Recipes and Zones
Advanced tools: Item search, interactive zone map, detailed tooltip, atlas
Exclusive data: Merchant sell table with price and currencies, Npc location and loot table, Rune with statistics and restrictions, Synergy crystal with statistics and item set information, Artifact/plants/mines and wood location,...
Character Profile
All about your character: equipment, statistics, soul tree, PvP, achievements,...
Display all your character's roles (sync them one by one)
Show your character in a single, quick-loading, full-screen page with no ads
Customization: background image + color theme + music + transparency effect
Character Signature and Avatar
2 sizes of signature (standard and mini)
Signature dynamic data (ID, souls, tradeskills, guild info, portrait, up to 6 stats)
Avatar dynamic data (portrait, class and level)
Customization: background image + cool frame (ice, flower, fire,…) + avatar image + statistics + color theme + font +...
Magelo Sync
Synchronization of the character basic information (manual input of details)
View character contextual related information (shortcut to your zone, target, quests)
Database contribution (run Magelo Sync while you play)
One click full character synchronization
Soul Tree Calculator
Choose your Calling and build your Soul tree
View a summary of all Abilities granted
Share your build easily thanks to a dynamic URL
Planar Attunement Calculator
Explore all the different ways to spend your attunement points
View a summary of stats and abilities granted
Share your build easily thanks to a dynamic URL
Inventory Tool
Browse all the items contained in your characters bags and bank (per character or server)
Quickly locate specific items by keywords
View all currencies
Collectibles Tool
Browse your mounts, pets, recipes, artifacts and achievements for each of your characters.
View your completed and missing collectibles.
Filter out the items you are not interested in.
Character Ranking
Characters ranking by achievement score and other criteria (server, class, stat,...)
Browse all the recipes known by your characters
Guild Tools
Browse guilds listed on Magelo
View your full guild roster (only one member need to sync his character)
View the list of recipes known by the members of your guild who synchronized their characters
View your guild perks
View your guild bank (only 1 Premium member in the guild is needed to unlock this feature)
Magelo Tooltips and Web Bar
Add the Magelo Web Bar and tooltips in your own website
Use the Quick search to find anything in the Database with detailed tooltip
Access Magelo main features without leaving your current page
Customize the Magelo Web Bar (banner and color theme)
Media Hosting
Get up to 50Mb to store your music and images
News, Forums and Comments
Get the latest news about the game and about Magelo
Have access to all forums, create threads and discuss with other players
Get the Magelo Newsletter
Add any comment on the database
Get a Premium emblem in all your posts across all our channels
The team will always be there to reply to your post in the Forums
Browse the Illustrated FAQ
A dedicated Tech support will help you resolve quickly any issue
Access to all the Premium features found on WoW, Eq, Rift, SWTOR and any future game supported