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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magelo Sync and what does it do?

Magelo Sync is Magelo property software.

First, Magelo Sync lets you synchronize your characters on your Magelo account to access many features on the website.
  • With a Premium account, your character is fully sync in one click and you can access all the features available on the website.
  • With a Free account, many information about your character are synchronized. However you still need to manually provide some data (soul build per role, equipment per role, planar build) and some features on the website will stay restricted to Premium members.

Check out the full list of features available on Magelo (free and premium)!

Magelo Sync lets you synchronize your character but not only that.

When you are playing, Magelo Sync provides some shortcuts to our database on contextual information directly related to your character. In real time, you can learn more about the zone where you are, your current target, your quests.

Finally, you can run Magelo Sync while you play to update the database with relevant information such as the position of a NPC, the items you drop, the items sell by a merchant you speak with,... Your contributions will help us keep the Magelo database up to date!

Learn more about Magelo Sync and download it now!