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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have an issue with Magelo Sync, what can I do?

Below are the most common issues you may encounter using Magelo Sync.

1/ Error message encountered - "No JVM could be found on your system. Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed JDK or JRE or download a JRE from www.java.com."
If you encounter this message, you need to update your Java. Please check this thread for more information on updating your Java.

2/ Error message encountered - "riftgame.exe has been patched, Magelo Sync will be updated soon to support this version"
This is normal behavior after every Rift patch. Our team will update Magelo Sync soon after a game patch – please check the News section of the forums for any patch news!

3/ Magelo Sync hides itself in the taskbar and cannot be opened
It is caused by a minor bug due to a corrupted installation. To fix it, you need to go to your Magelo Sync folder (the path is usually C:\\Program Files\Magelo\Magelo Sync) and delete the Sync.Properties file (sometimes it shows only Sync, but if you mouse over it indicates it is a PROPERTY file) to reset everything back to the default settings.

4/ Magelo Sync cannot launch the game after clicking the game icon
You have to run Rift manually at least once in order to let Magelo Sync detect the correct path to launch the game.

If you encounter any other bug, please check the forums, to see if it has already been known. If not, please open up a new topic in the Bugs forum with the necessary details such as the brand and version of the operating system you are using, the browser you are using, what you did to find out the error and what has happened.

The log file of Magelo Sync can also help us figure out what is going on. Just try again to synchronize your character and when the error occurs, press "ctrl + shift + L" to get the log. You need to keep the focus on Magelo Sync when you press the keys. The log will appear in a new window and you can copy its content in your reply. You can also find the log in your Magelo Sync installation directory (magelo.log).