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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I show all my roles in my Profile?

You can show all the roles of your character in the profile.
  • With a Premium account, Magelo Sync will synchronize fully each of your roles. For each role, you just need to equip the gear you want in game, wait just few seconds to let Magelo Sync detect your change and synchronize. Just repeat this for each role you wish to show! And don't forget to name your role in game as we sync the names too.
  • With a Free account, after the synchronization of your character, go to My characters > Edit > Roles to manually add your character's role one by one. You will need to provide a link to the soul tree build for each role, the equipment for each role and the Planar build.

All your roles will be accessible in your character Profile. Just toggle the role pull-down menu to switch between them. You will see updated gear, statistics and talents.

Finally, you can specify the role you want to show by default in your Profile in My characters > Edit > Identity.