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Posted: 2/6/12, 7:17 PM

Feature announced to filter mobile users

Earlier this year, Trion released the Rift Mobile App. This application allows users to participate in guild chat, check on zone events and play a mini-game from an iOS or Android phone. Those who look at their guild roster can see how popular the application has become.

When a user is offline but available via mobile, their status is shown as "Mobile". Especially for larger guilds, this has resulted in the guild roster being overwhelmed with the online users. For those who have referred to this as "The Mobile Plague" - fear no more!

Kytsuri announced today on the Rift Community forums that a checkbox is being implemented which will allow players to filter out mobile users. Quoting the original post:

"Thank you to everyone for the feedback. This is a feature that we are currently implementing (a second checkbox for mobile users) and you should see it in game soon =)"

We will keep you posted with any announcements or updates.