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Posted: 2/8/12, 8:59 AM

This thread will be heavily moderated and is for submissions only. If you would like to discuss the contest and/or submissions, please feel free to start a new topic!

For contest rules and additional information, please visit our news post.

Note: Posts which are deemed vulgar, offensive or violating the rights of others will be deleted!

How to enter

  • Post your submission in this thread before and include the following:
    • Title of your Work
    • Your Magelo username
    • Text of your love poem or sonnet (500-word maximum)
  • If you're selected as a winner, send us your wedding screenshot to be published with your poem/sonnet!

After you enter

  • Wake up early and check your email on Tuesday, February 14th. All winners will receive a winning notification email with any applicable codes and instructions.
  • Participate in an in-game wedding on Tuesday, February 14th before 9pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8)

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Posted: 2/8/12, 9:20 AM

Ani's Eyes


With hunter's eyes she watches me
My soul laid bare for her to see
In every breath she sings a song
That conquers those both bold and strong
Robes of moonlight caress her skin
Lighting in me the fires within
Ani's eyes they see me true
She's all I want and never knew
Hunter's heart defy cruel fate
A hunger I can never sate
With hunter's eyes she stalks the night
Kiss away the pain and plight
Her lips touch mine, my soul afire
Our skin as one, my heart a pyre
The Hunter's Heart shines inside her soul
And with a smile my heart she stole
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Posted: 2/8/12, 2:32 PM



There's a river by my house,
That reminds me of your eyes,
Its transparent water,
How it gently flows,
It makes me wonder,
Does the river choose its course,
Or is it simply carried?

There's a flower in my garden,
That reminds me of your smile,
Always so brilliant,
So graceful, starring at the sun,
Yet it seems so fragile,
Needing protection.

I see the rainbow above the clouds,
And it reminds me of you,
So gentle and warm,
So lively yet mysterious,
So perfect yet flawed,
So close yet so far away.

Before you go,
Answer me,
If I said I love you,
Would you come with me watch,
The river, the flower and the rainbow?

Do I need to get married in game to get the prize? Because I don't intend do nor do I have a partner. Also, what does the Rift U.S. Box mean key mean? Is it a key to purchase the game for another person? If so, I think I get the purpose of this contest. And would it work for EU players or just US? Sorry for the utter noob questions and good luck to everyone

Edit: Hi Lyzern, Forgive me for editing your post (but want to keep the thread clean). No, we won't require someone to participate in an in-game wedding. That being said we do highly encourage it because it is lots of fun, gives an achievement. The key is a box code which includes 30 days game time. And yes, EU residents should be able to use it just fine. Thank you for your interest and submission -Nepabrite
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Posted: 2/8/12, 2:33 PM

When my husband and I were first dating he wrote this poem for me and I will always cherish it. He is a wonderful writer in my opinion and I hope others feel the same way.

In the heart of darkness
I look for your flame
The dark nights wind
Gently whispering your name

In a cold haunting nightmare
It is your warmth that I seek
But the minute I see your beautiful face
It slowly fades away from me

When the pain becomes unbearable
It is your eternal love that I need
Your soft kiss and tender arms
Is all that can set me free

To break open the gates of Hell
And pull my beaten body through
Healed by the kisses of an angel
Healed by the kisses from you

Awww I love him so much!
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Posted: 2/8/12, 7:24 PM

mmmm im pretty terrible with the whole grammar thing so if theres a few mistakes feel free to fix it i just thought itd be fun to enter -

Love in Telara
by: wreckfull

Upon the wind an angel sings, these whispers
of your name and with this song my heart now clean
no evidence of pain, of a prior life fore
you that darkness did consume but now my eyes no
longer shut these seeds of love shall bloom, and on
that day that faithfull day our lives shall be entwined,
for our love as endless as the court through the dark-
ness it shall shine, and when those bells begin to chime
and our kiss has set the seal, not even regu-
los himself could change the way we feel. Now hark to
me terlarians for theres something i must say
For this is true love raw and real, that you've witnessed
on this day.
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Posted: 2/10/12, 4:10 PM

Telaraian Love
By: Valdirha

From many a travel upon my elven feet,
Never have I met a fellow,
Who is quite so mellow.
On occasion he can be sweet.
With a beast of feline persuasion at his side,
A smirk and wild blue eyes.
No porticulum can hide,
His handsome Mathosian thighs.
I often wonder if I didn't have these elven wings,
Would my heart still flutter?
Will he love me even if my elven stomach turns to butter?
Could our love be sealed with rings?
I wish this crazy love true
so on Valentine's day he will ask and I will say "I do".
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Posted: 2/10/12, 4:25 PM

oh geeze... I do some haiku in my spare time... Hopefully this is acceptable, embarassing really, I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not submit something though.

by kirsch
cosmic force of love
attracted to eachother
two becoming one
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Posted: 2/11/12, 7:27 AM

Heart Shaped Puzzle


To bathe in your love is such a gift as are you. I long to hear your sweet, soft voice. Your laugh melts my heart. Your smile holds me captive though you can't hold prisoner one who consents. To not see you is such torture to my soul, agony to my mind, punishment to my heart. My love for you is like a river building ever so steady as it cascades down the cliff. The feeling I get is compared to that of floating, such thrilling vertigo. And as I near completion of my puzzle, I notice, the piece you hold is the one that is missing, the one I have been searching for all my life, the one that completes my heart shaped puzzle.

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Posted: 2/12/12, 9:20 PM

Love Is


Love is not definable,
A force you can't describe.
You will not understand,
Until you meet their eyes.
Love is what it is.

Love is not something you can see,
Anything you want it to be.
Love is what you can feel,
Shining very real.
Love is what it is.

Love is that fuzzy feeling,
Warm inside your tummy.
Love is that warmth in your heart,
Bringing you happiness.
Love is love.

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Posted: 2/14/12, 9:44 PM

Thanks to all the participants!
We closed this topic yesterday and after a long debate we choose our winners!
Keep an eye on your email, you will soon received your prizes