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Posted: 3/17/13, 4:28 PM

Was thinking about this a little bit ago. Would it be possible to link the Ground Objects map / NPC maps to the achievements window?

As an example, we have an achievement in Morban called Calming the Storm. However, I am "unsure" of what mobs where and what type grant a +1 to this achievement advancement.

tl/dr; It'd be neat if the achievements section had a map listing of all of the NPC's that grant +1 advancement to an actual achievement.

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Posted: 3/18/13, 1:36 PM

Hi bctrainers,

We actually do already quite some interesting stuff for achievements but I believe most people dont see them...

For example:
  1. Bejuled Objectives are achievements and fully linked
  2. Artifacts or Artifiction? Objectives are artifact sets and fully linked
  3. The Elusive Obvious Objectives are named kills and fully linked (with minimap when available)
  4. Second Time Charm Objective is quest completion and fully linked

Now the mistake we made I believe is that the objectives which are resolved and linked are not differentiated from simple text so if you are not curious and dont try to mouseover them, you not gonna discover the links...

Apart from the above type of objectives, there is another one which is interesting and vastly used which is exactly the type of your example. And basically it's a tag mechanic. So for example Trion can tag npc A, npc B and npc C with tagId: 145 and then say that the above achievement is completed when either of the npcs having that tag get killed N times.

Right now we don't collect tags information for npcs but it's something that shouldn't be too hard to do and we will be able to gather additional info at the same time.

So long story short, I will get back to you as soon as we have something working to handle those tags And we will do something about those hidden linked objectives..