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Posted: 1/6/15, 10:46 AM

I am trying your service. But I don't want to use sync because I prefer for my character info to be left personal. However I would like to contribute screenshots and video for pvpers to see when running into a difficult task. Do I have to use sync to contribute screenshots and video?

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Posted: 1/8/15, 5:45 AM

Hi comquat,

When you run Magelo Sync, it will never automatically sync your characters unless you ask for it. So by default, you can run Magelo Sync to contribute your observations such as loot info and your character will never be sent to our database.

Speaking of your characters, you can always sync it and keep it private so nobody but you can access its profile. Doing so will let you use our tools such as the inventory and the collectibles tools.

Finally, regarding comments and screenshots, those are submitted directly on the website, without the need for Magelo Sync.