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Posted: 12/1/18, 10:28 AM

Was wondering if you are going to keep the site active since you are the only Official fan site? Also was wondering if you have heard anything about the game as far as if they will continue it or what since they was bought being as they was going to just close the doors and end it all?

Thank you.

This may be a duplicate but I am not able to find my original post, if it is, sorry. Also you may want to get InTouch with: https://www.pantheonmmo.com/ and see about doing a site for this game. Brad McQuaid is doing this game which he did EQ, EQ2, Vanguard and a little SWG(Star Wars Galaxies). Anyone who played Vanguard would tell you it was an amazing game. It was hard and you had to work for everything you got but it was well worth it. If Pantheon is anything like it, it will be an amazing game. So check into it please, would love to have a site like yours right out of the gate to be able to go and post info and find info about items, quests, etc. I trust you and your site. Thank you!!!

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Posted: 12/3/18, 1:52 AM

Hi Customprofile,

I havent heard anything at all but now I understand why they did not patch the game lately... Let's see what happen with the game, I dont plan to shutdown the channel for now.