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Posted: 4/20/11, 2:22 AM

Any plans to be creating a character builder and/or Magelo Sync for Rift?

I'd love to be able to see this sort of thing:

Character > Gear/Build combo

The view be great to have the stat sheet showing with the soul tree underneath. An option to change both gear saves and roles to view stat sheet with gear/build benefits. Showing the calculated percentage benefits of the stats like AP, SP, Phys/Spell Crit, Hit, etc like it shows as a popup on the in game char sheet would be lovely too.

Synching gear saves and Soul builds would make life easy.

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Posted: 4/20/11, 11:34 PM

Hey Sarkean1 !

You will hear about Magelo Sync for Rift pretty soon We are on it, but it's taking some time, though I'm quite optimistic.

Once we get Sync ready for Rift, the profile and stats breakdowns should be the next logical step for us.

But I guess you'd be interested in a tool such as the Gear Planner we've for WOW or equipment editor for EQ, to test new builds along with gear and see your stats upated ?
That's definitely a must have too


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Posted: 7/18/11, 2:03 AM

Hello Sarkean1!

The character profile is live since last week! A little sample: Azula
In the meantime we also launched the dynamic signature and avatar, as well as the Inventory tool! You can learn more in the homepage news.

About the gear planner, we are working on it! It will let you try different gear, see the changes on your stats and save alternate profiles. Difficult to give an ETA yet for at the moment, but we will keep you posted on our progress!