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Posted: 5/2/11 5:38 PM

My name is Airplane from Guild Despair on Silkweb (Rift). I've used Magelo since the days I was EQ1 even back in Velious. Now that I am on Rift we are YEARNING for character profiles so we can make wish lists, etc. Rift is growing, plz put some more effort into making character profiles. Guilds are willing to subscribe on behalf of their members, whatever you need to get it done financially. Tap this resource thx

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Posted: 5/5/11 1:12 AM

Hello Airplane,

Thanks for your enthusiasm and be sure that we are working around the clock to bring Magelo profiles to Rift.
I will keep you posted!
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Posted: 6/29/11 10:46 PM

I can't wait to see these Jelan, but do we have a newer timeframe on Rift Profiles yet?



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Posted: 7/3/11 3:21 PM

Early July which happens to be sometimes next week lol

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Posted: 7/18/11 1:21 AM

Character profile live since last week! A little sample: Azula
In the meantime we also launched the dynamic signature and avatar, as well as the Inventory tool!
Learn more in the homepage news!