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Posted: 4/21/12, 1:44 AM

First of all, we wanted to thanks Deathnaught for his really interesting post.

So we thought a lot about all the features we want to bring to guilds recently, and this is why it took also so long for us to get back to you on that. We needed to step back a little bit and see the full picture. I think we are close to a nice plan now and a guild premium package is part of it.

This is not a small project for us and we want to do it right, so we still have a lot to work on but that will not gonna stop us from delivering tools planned since a moment now, such as the guild perks, the embed roster and more. I will not tell you everything... mystery is good too

So that's it, we are working on those 2 fronts at the same time, delivering guild features planned and building a nice premium package for guilds. We wanted to thank you for all the great suggestion you shared with us. We will of course keep you posted on our progress.
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Posted: 4/27/12, 2:45 PM

Just want to say I think this is an excellent idea, a win-win for Magelo and players alike. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Please do keep us posted.

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Posted: 6/3/12, 9:07 PM

I would love this. As an added option if your guild package will take a long time, you could always just do it where only the characters of the guild have access to premium content. You could even charge the guild based on number of members.
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Posted: 3/31/13, 11:35 AM

Any updates on this?been almost a year.


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Posted: 4/8/13, 12:42 PM

Hello kilroy,

Ya a year already, geez time is flying.... The guild premium package is our top priority now we have been able to flush out almost all the work in progress we had. The only exception being the upcoming guild pve progression tool. So we gonna put that one out and then focus 200% on that guild premium package.