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Prion's Archon Crystal

Runebreakable : 376

Sell for : No value

Prion's Archon Crystal

Bind on pickup Synergy Crystal
Prion's Raiment (0/4) Prion's Archon Crystal (2): Casting an Archon Aura increases the Mage's Spell Power, for 5 minutes, by 80 for each Archon Aura the Mage has active. (3): Increases Spell Power by 70. (4): Increases the base damage of the Mage's Granite Salvo by 1.
Item Level 260 Requires Level 60 Calling: Mage Runebreakable (Runecrafter 376)
No value
Merchant: Danew Yoder
Zone: Tempest Bay
Credits: 1125