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Empyreal Hero's Archstaff

Runebreakable : 376

Sell for : No value

Empyreal Hero's Archstaff

Bind on pickup Two Handed Staff
Damage per second: 220.3 463-859 damage every 3.0 sec
Intelligence +162 Wisdom +114 Endurance +115 Hit +106 Spell Power +1378 Spell Critical Hit +132
Equip: Grants a chance for single target Healing and Absorb abilities, and Lifebound Veil healing done to the Mage's Synthesis target, to heal for an additional 1318 health.
The Infinity Shaman (0/2) (2): Increases the healing of your set weapon's effects.
Item Level 230 Requires Level 60 Calling: Cleric Mage Runebreakable (Runecrafter 376)
No value
Upgraded from: Empyreal Vanquisher's Archstaff