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Zardonis' Ranger Crystal

Runebreakable : 226

Sell for : No value

Zardonis' Ranger Crystal

Bind on pickup Synergy Crystal
Zardonis' Shadow Garb (0/4) Zardonis' Ranger Crystal (2): Increases Attack Power by 75 for 30s after using Shadow Fire. (3): Increases Attack Power by 35. (4): Ranger damaging abilities have a 30% chance to increase the pet's Attack Power by 200 for 15 seconds.
Item Level 95 Requires Level 50 Calling: Rogue Runebreakable (Runecrafter 226)
No value
Merchant: Ermolai Sumtol
Zone: Moonshade Highlands
Merchant: Quartermaster Nysmen
Zone: Sanctum