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Magelo Sync has been patched!
Today, Hotfix #11 was implemented on all US servers. EU servers will go offline at 1am GMT for maintenance.

Below, we have posted the patch notes as found on the Rift Community Website:

  • Fixed an issue causing chat spam of auto-completed world event quests.
  • Phase changes for the Carnival event have been moved to Thursdays going forward.
  • Dantwor Honey-Tongue should now properly be giving out random versions of the Tales of the Ascended each day.
  • War Trophies will only drop from 'green' PvP targets who are above level 10.
  • Trouble On the Route: Guardian Troublemakers will no longer give experience and cannot be summoned after completing the quest objectives.
  • If you win a spin on the Wheel of Fate you should no longer lose your winnings if you wait for the Wheel to spin again.