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Kill Ten Rats

Level : 55

Zone : Seratos

Start : Arlan Merkur

End : Arlan Merkur

Notoriety :
+400 Necropolis Caretakers

Money : 94 29

XP : 130903

Kill Ten Rats

Enter The Sub-Chamber below Necropolis and kill Crypt Rats after luring them to activated Rat Traps.


We've heard of your exploits, [%Name], and everyone's impressed, even The Overseer! He thinks he knows something of these "Ascended" powers of yours - that they may react with ancient Brevane technology. He wants to test it out by activating the broken Rat Traps below the city. I told him that killing rats was a waste of your skills, but he's The Overseer.

Upon completion

Took care of that rat problem, eh? I knew something like that wouldn't pose any problems for you. And now we have confirmation that your Ascended powers are compatible with technology from the old Brevane Empire.