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Stolen Source

Level : 26

Zone : Deepstrike Mines

Start : Kaspar Massi

End : Kaspar Massi

Choose one of these rewards :
 Source Amulet of the Magus
 Source Amulet of the Mighty
 Source Amulet of the Faithful
 Source Amulet of the Stalker

You will also receive :

Notoriety :
+300 Granite Falls

Money : 15 73

XP : 5400

Stolen Source

Collect sourcestone from the undead miners and shard fragments of Deepstrike Mines.


We need to get back the sourcestone that the Endless Court has stolen from this mine! Well, all right, they didn't exactly steal it, since it was their miners that did the work. But they sort of 'stole' the mine in the first place, and therefore anything they take from it is also stolen. What do I know? I'm the goods guy, not the logician. All I know is we need to take it back.

Upon completion

Right. This will go to far better use in our Manufactory than here in the possession of those rotting villains.