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Magelo Web Bar
Keep Magelo close to you with the Web Bar!

1. Login

Login with your Magelo ID directly in the Web Bar.

2. Quick search

Without leaving your current page, find instantly anything in the Database quickly with detailed tooltip.

3. Database contextualization

Select one of your characters to contextualize the game database. Some relevant information to your character will be visible in tooltips such as a comparison of your currently equipped item with any item you mouse over, to allow a side-by-side comparison, showing stat differences.

4. Shortcuts

Access quickly Magelo main features from any page.

5. Customization

Choose a design and a color theme to define the Web Bar look.

6. Easy access

The Web Bar will always be there at the bottom of the site. You can of course minimize it if you wish.

Boost your site with the Magelo Web Bar!

Add the Magelo Web Bar in your site or blog and let you and your visitors take advantage of it! It's very simple, just follow our instructions on how to install and use our tools and you will be up and running in less than 5 minutes!

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