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I am currently using rift zam for my eqdkp plus, using a format such as

"'U_VIEW_ITEM' => ' http://rift.zam.com/wiki/rift_Item:'.$item['item_name'],"

however I cannot seem to get a line of code for your site to pull an item, since its an Item ID, however, I just cant seem to get a proper coding line for it to pull your tooltip and item, any suggestions would be good at this point

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Hi Twizm,

There is no lookup api yet and the current tooltip library expect an id rather than a name to fetch the tooltip... So you can't really programatically create an item link to magelo if the only thing you know is the name of the item. However, since the item database is freely available from trion, you could very easily create yourself a lookup list which would allow you to create magelo item links.

We will work on a solution to address this specific need in the future so it can work out of the box.

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did you ever do this, because as it stands im stuck doing this

<a href=" http://www.rifthead.com/wiki/rift_Item:
Unknown macro:
Unknown macro: {content}

and then all they have to fill out when they hit the button is the name of the item, this doesnt seem to be an easy thing to do with yours