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It's not an uncommon sight to see MageloSync64.exe taking up more memory than Rift itself. That said, I'm pretty sure something's screwed up with the sync client in more ways than one — looking through the error log I'm seeing a shitload of NullPointerException, BufferUnderflowException, and StackOverflowError messages.

I'm running the 64-bit sync app (as indicated) on Windows 7, Java version 7u9.


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Hi LLJKTechnogeek,
You should not have those kind of errors in your log so let's try to have a closer look at that problem first. Could you zip the log and send it by email at support@magelo.com? Thank you

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Fixed a pretty rare endless recursion which was LLJKTechnogeek issue as we confirmed by email. Thanks a lot LLJKTechnogeek for your assistance in fixing this bug !