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To follow up on a feedback we recently got from a player, on the Rift official forums, we improved again few things related to crafted items. In the Item search, you can now differentiate crafted items based on the source of their recipes (trainers, merchants, drops).

All crafted items made with recipes from loot
Crafted armors made with recipes from merchants having more than 1000 armor
Crafted bows made with recipes from either trainers or merchants having both dexterity and AP
Crafted runes made with recipes from merchants that can be applied on legs and which grant dodge

Hope you will like this improvement.

Don't hesitate to share with us your ideas, we will do our best to bring them alive on the website, as we did with this one. We wish to contently improve the website and make it more useful for any Rift players. So we are looking to hear more of your feedback and suggestions in the Forum!

Thank you!