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For some odd reason, when I filled out my profile info for Magelo, and checked the remember me radio button, Magelo has now dropped the .com from my email address. I cannot relog into the site on my RIFT computer, and am doing this from the laptop I signed up on. Is there a way that this can be fixed? Also, when I followed my subject line, I get an error message that says "This page has never existed". How can that be?? LOL Please look into that for me, as I want to get the Magelo Sync installed and running on my computer.... Thank you!!!!

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Hi Metallizepp,

This is a browser feature which saves your forms and auto fill it later. There is nothing we can do on our end. You should be able to force another value or ask the browser to forget the forum all together.

However the login form is asking for your username not your email so you should be able to log in just fine...