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Hello everyone!

A quick post to let you know that we completed the update of our Planar attunement calculator to cope with the changes introduced with Rift 2.5. So you can now preview the pvp tier 3 as well as the new planes (Nature, Cinder and Storm).

For the newcomers on Rift and/or Magelo, I though I would highlight the main features of our Planar attunement calculator:
  • It's fast, no seriously, it is.
  • You can switch from one class to another without loosing your points.
  • You can click on any gem and the calculator will calculate the cheapest path to it, no tedious filling.
  • You can instantly fill any tier on any plane, previous tiers or dependant planes will be filled for you. Same logic goes for reseting a tier.
  • Anytime you pick up a new rank, you have an instant feedback on how it impacts your character with a stats and abilities granted summary.
  • You can share your build by just copy pasting the url, the selected plane is even saved.

The Soultree calculator as well as the Game database have also been updated a few days ago already.

Don’t forget you can add some information to the database, especially for the new zones running Magelo Sync while you play. The database will be updated with the items you loot and the location of Npcs around you.

As always, feedbacks are most welcome.