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Hi, when I open the program to login, shouldn't it start Rift, the Glyph or something keeps stopping it from doing so, and I see only a window that says I am online and has my Magelo name, and is says Magelo sync is trying to detected character, please wait...If your character doesn't appear, let us know...which is, I think--what I am doing, please help. Also, that is preventing syncing, I have loaded all characters once and it detected them initially, wth is w. this _____?? lol

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Hi Woozle,

When you use Magelo Sync to launch the game, it will now open the Glyph launcher first. But everything should works fine.

Let's try again following those steps:
  1. Log into Magelo Sync and select Rift (that will open the Glyph launcher)
  2. Log into Glyph and log your character in the game.
  3. Magelo Sync should detect your character automatically. If this is not the case, press "ctrl + shift + L" to get the log of Magelo Sync. You can copy its content in your reply. That should help us understand what is going on.

Thank you