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I have Some Quests but I can't Find in Magelo's Database.So this Magelo sync Will update Magelo's Database? How long do i wait for Update?
For example Quest "Paying Respects" in zone Tarken Glacier.My goal is to improve Magelo site!

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Hi Behrouz,

Quests are updated from the discovery files provided by Trion, same goes for items and npcs. We have just updated the database with the latest discovery files and the quest you are looking for is now available: Paying Respects

Running Magelo Sync while you play will contribute the following to the database:
  • Loot info (Loot table of npcs)
  • Gathering info (what can be gathered out of game objects such as mines)
  • Geoloc info (Where are located npcs and game objects such as mines)
  • Item upgrade info (If you open the item upgrade window for a given upgradeable item)
  • A few other minor things

Thanks in advance for your help.