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Sync starts and stays at "choose game to run" - clicking on Rift: nothing happens, starting rift and choosing a char that is in my char list: nothing happens.
Sync still stays at the start screen.
Any idea or help available?

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Just a guess, but Sync doesn't work with 64-bit Rift. In Glyph, make sure you have selected Rift as your game, then click on Settings. On the right-hand side of General tab, select 32 Bit for the CPU type. This works even if you have a 64-bit OS. You will have to run Rift in 32-bit mode for Sync.

However I wouldn't bother, as the Sync developers seem to have lost time and/or interest in maintaining Sync. It hasn't worked in weeks due to Rift updates.

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Hello Marshall,
thank you for your reply.
So now I know the reason

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Yes Magelo Sync is only working with the 32bit game client and it has been patched, so you can go ahead and give it a try.