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After installation and auto-update, Magello sync did not detect that RIFT was running.

Closed Magello sync, restarted it; error message:
The launcher was unable to download a required file (/sync/launcher/18/sync.launch?18.1499350907959). If it is the first time this problem occurs, try running Magelo Sync once again. Go to www.magelo.com and check the forums for further help.

Several following attempts of closing then restarting Magello sync keep this as a systematic error, then 1 attempt started normally, but still does not detect that RIFT is already running.

Update: just read on another bug report that you have to run RIFT on 32 bits for Magelo sync to work; if this is still the case I will just write it off (not convenient to have to keep switching starting the game version whenever I want to update Magello).

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Hi Fafhred,

Yes for the moment, you need to run Rift in 32bit for Magelo Sync to work properly.

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what you think, is an 64 Bit version for Rift possible?