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Life goes on. Times change. Then we go through our old stuff and get nostalgic. I used to run on the TM server around 2006. That was later combined with Drinall I think? My toons were half-elf Hanthor, and my shaman Honthor. Life moved on, jobs changed as did free time and how it was used. No more staying up and in-game for 38+hours spawn camps to make sure you didn't miss it.

Looking back, I really miss my old crew. The banter. The laughs. The arguments. Growing together, both as our toons, as well as RL. Helping each other out even if you missed out on what you need. Taking up, and mastering a craft that you weren't interested in, just to help out. Hanging out down by the South bank waiting for buff bombs. And the trains! OMG, the trains! Running as fast as you could for the ZL pounding the macro key "TRAIN!! TRAIN HEADING FOR ________ ZL!! TRAIN FOR FOR THE ZL!!!"

If you haven't got it yet, I really loved this game and the hours I spelt getting to know everyone. If anyone knows any of these people/toons, please help me out and post.
Rich from PA, aka necromancer Codone or his shadowknight Boneheap. Dana from Kansas, aka shadowknight Fanelli. Jack from Texas who had s some very server health issues who played a talented bard. Though I don't remember her RL name, enchanter Arianna or her RL husband Rob. Or anyone else that was from the guild "Immortal Brethren. Or from guild "No Drama."
We had always talked about a guild meet-up, but we're not able to make it happen

If you know anything about any of them, please leave a comment to this.
Thanks in advance.

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I read this and it brought ears to my eyes as I started to remember all the fun I had in EQ, then I went to Star Wars Galaxies in 2004 when it came out and my dad and myself played it. Then EQ2 came out and my dad and me played EQ2 until he died in 2007. I remember all the fun we had in the guild we were in and it was an amazing time. I miss those days and my dad... You are right, life move forward with or with us...

Thank you for all the great memories' you got me thinking about...!

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