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I have a paid account and cannot get it to work. When I hit sync I get the No JVM message. I am running windows 10, I have downloaded both the 32 and 64 bit versions on the computer. I am using windows explorer. and I cannot make it work. the other bug report on this problem does not show how to fix it. it just shows what it does and where to find java in programs. the windows 10 does not look like the screenshot you have posted.

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Are you running Glyph/Rift in 32 bit mode? Also you can use this site here, it will tell you if the service is up or down.: http://syncstatus.magelo.com/
Once he patches it, it will be current. Each time Rift is patched he has to patch Magelo Sync. As long as you have both 32/64 bit version of Java installed, running Glyph/Rift in 32 bit mode( Open Glyph, Settings, General, change it from 64 to 32 bit) you should be fine, especially once Jelan patches Magelo Sync.

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