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It has been a while since you updated Magelo Sync, way longer than normal. Are we going to keep getting updates or are you planning to not keep up with it much? I know since Trion sold the game to another company a while back and player base is really low, I was just wondering what's on your mind about it and or keeping up with it, etc.

Thank you.

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there will be an update?

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I don't really know what to do with Rift to be honest. It seems the new publisher does not care at all about that game, its community and all the ecosystem around it. We initially designed the channel from a data perspective to consume / rely on the discoveries and now they don't even publish it anymore.

I was told repetitively by moderators that they would eventually fix this and then all of the sudden the tone changed and they conveyed it will probably never be back again...

I will try to contact a developer / PM working on Rift to see if there is any chance of fixing this so at least we can update the database.