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We just patched Magelo Sync again to handle the 1.4 Hotfix #2 and at the same time, we are glad to introduce new features!

Guild Bank

Premium members can now unlock some features for their guilds, starting with the Guild Bank! Only one member needs to be Premium to let everyone access the guild bank. So becoming a Premium member is not only good for you, but for your guildmates as well

To add your bank in your guild page, you just need to sync your character once you have viewed your guild bank. In your guild page, you will be able to sort it by category (armor, planar items,…) and see the exact location and quantity of any item.

My recipes tool

You can now browse the recipes known by all your characters in the new My recipes page. This feature is accessible also from your guild page, but concerns all the members of your guild. Here, you can focus on your characters only, guilded or not!

Rune with statistics

Statistics and item restrictions are now displayed for runes! Check out Сияющий рунный осколок опустошения for example!
Rune recipes page should be a little more helpful now to figure out which rune you need

Have a good week-end and enjoy Legacy of the Fallen!